Are the results measurable?

As part of your campaign expert SEO consultants monitor your website’s results regularly and measure visibility against revenue and profitability. SEO is a measurable practice, much like paid search advertising. Organic optimisation delivers proven results in an experience-driven market. Our account managers will determine your key business goals and deliver on key performance indicators (KPI’s).

SEO Process

Account set up

This is an important step. Account setup involves learning about your business and industry as well as setting up an account, starting the research for the keywords that are relevant to your business


We analyse thousands of keywords. We create a ‘keyword universe’ with every possible phrase that can directly or indirectly generate revenue for your business.


Optimisation is an ongoing process and includes optimizing keywords, meta descriptions, title tags & adding content to relevant pages; creating new pages or amending the structure.

ROI Measurement

This measures the return on your budget and is a critical step for the success of a competent SEO strategy. Once this is measured we are able to go back and work on maximising the ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation and marketing

service-imgGoogle’s organic search page can generate significant amounts of traffic and revenue making search engine optimisation (SEO) a critical part of a successful marketing campaign for your business. The traffic generated from this activity still has the highest return on investment (ROI).

As part of your campaign we monitor your website’s results constantly and measure impact on revenue. Investing in SEO is a measurable practice much like paid advertising and reports show increase in site performance.

Organic optimisation delivers proven results in an experience-driven market. Our account managers will determine your key business goals and deliver on key performance indicators (KPI’s).

It is highly important to be visible for all keywords relevant to your business. Not solely for revenue reasons. Good rankings aid in building brand reputation and trust in your company. Your site’s ability to rank highly is linked consumer perception of your business’ success, so we work towards increasing your overall presence and not just gaining top positions for keywords with low return of investment, resulting in increased revenue.

Unique content still remains the focus of most optimisation campaigns. Optimising the site structure is equally important, so you might need some budget for development work. SEO is not magic, but the result of hard work and good coordination between you and your SEO agency.

360° Focus Digital has a structured approach of communication, collaboration and target-driven activity, monitoring and insight reporting. With years of experience working on search engine optimisation campaigns for several companies (from FTSE & AIM listed to SMEs) our London-based SEO team can deliver to exceptional standards with a guarantee of service and most importantly results.


  • Focus on converting keywords (not just traffic)
  • Proven results with existing and past clients
  • Competent account managers, analysts and linking experts
  • Detailed monthly reporting with insights
  • Lengthy working experience in Travel, Health & Beauty, Finance, Publishing, PR & IT sectors
  • Transparency of results
  • What to expect

    An honest approach regarding results and performance timeliness. SEO is never an overnight success. It takes hard work, coordination, skill and know-how.

    Be prepared to invest some time in the search engine optimisation process and you will soon reap the benefits.

  • Why 360° Focus Digital SEO

    360° Focus Digital offer SEO management services with highly experienced staff with proven track record in SEO. We have extensive exposure in a number of industries including Travel, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Energy, Transport, Legal, Software, Beverages & Business Services. Attention to detail, understanding of marketing and branding matters will enable us to deliver profitable campaigns aimed at maximising your conversions and revenue, not just visitors and clicks.


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